Classic Television Trivia Quiz #1

Think you're an expert on classic television? Test your knowledge of those classic American TV shows with this fun trivia quiz!

1. Before "movin' on up", George Jefferson held which of the following jobs?

Taxi driver

2. "Mork and Mindy" was a spin-off of which classic TV series?

Laverne and Shirley
Happy Days
All in the Family

3. Blue, Reckless, and Chance were all family pets on which TV series?

My Three Sons
Green Acres
Little House on the Prairie
The Waltons

4. Of the following four classic TV series, which one had the most episodes?

Hill Street Blues
All in the Family
The Mary Tyler Moore Show

5. As part of the back story for America's favorite TV western "Bonanza", how did Little Joe's mother Marie die?

Killed by Indians
Fell from a horse
Died during childbirth
Shot in a saloon fight

6. "My Mother the Car", which aired in 1965-1966, is widely considered to be the worst TV show ever made. Who played the lead role in this unfortunate flop?

Bob Newhart
Don Knotts
Jerry Van Dyke
Ray Walston

7. Before becoming the Bionic Woman, Jaime Sommers almost died in an accident involving which dangerous activity?

Race car driving
Speedboat racing
Rock climbing

8. Which of the following TV sitcoms is NOT a spinoff of another show?

Facts of Life
Laverne & Shirley
Green Acres

9. Flipper, America's favorite dolphin, made his home in the waters of what Florida town?

Cedar Keys
Coral Gables
Palm Harbor
Cape Coral

10. The 640,000-acre Ponderosa Ranch, where the Cartwrights made their home on "Bonanza", was located near what Nevada town?

Battle Mountain
Virginia City